Implants for Snap-On-Dentures

Are your Dentures (Plates) causing you discomfort, pain, and embarrassment? Do they flop around, making it difficult for you to enjoy your favorite meals and tarnishing your social life? Well, fear no more because Mountainside Oral Care has the perfect solution for you – Snap-On Dentures on implant locators. Our expert implant surgeon, Dr. Olaru, is MDI IMTEC certified, ensuring that you receive the highest level of expertise for your snap-on dentures.

With just 2 implants, you can regain your confidence and enjoy your meals without any worries. In some cases, 3 or 4 implants may be required for optimal results. We recommend and use regular implants, and mini implants may be an option for certain cases.

Call us today at (208-665-2266) to see if you medically qualify for dental implants and discover the incredible benefits they offer seniors. At Mountainside Oral Care, we believe in giving you the smile and the freedom you deserve. Remember, when you’re with us, you’re in good hands.

I am grateful to have found Dr. Olaru, who is highly skilled and experienced in his specialty. I trust him to suggest and perform procedures needed to address and resolve my dental situation in a professional and skillful manner.

I would highly recommend Dr. Olaru.
~ Cate C

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